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Did you know that the laws are changing effective July 1st  2014? Once the law is in force, it will help to protect Canadians while ensuring that businesses can continue to compete in the global marketplace. These changes will impact how you communicate electronically with new and existing clients, so take heed! Please note that […]

Local Marketing Website Checklist
July 31, 2013

Getting on the front page locally has become increasingly competitive in the local space. I have compiled this information for you, so you can have the knowledge you need to make sure your website is well structured for Local Rank. You don’t have to do all the techie work, but it is important to understand […]

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Frank Kern and Trey Smith’s WordPress Template! Are you looking to fire up an awesome looking wordpress site just like your favorite internet marketers? Well, the other day I stumbled across their secret tool! It’s a little known theme site! This is a link to the exact theme that Frank Kern and Trey Smith are […]