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The Referral Marketing Event!
March 24, 2016

Referral Marketing For Mortgage Brokers. Welcome to the replay of this months webinar sponsored by First National! During This Webinar You Get to learn how to use social media for referral marketing in your mortgage business. You get to learn how to use free tools on Facebook to connect with your past clients and generate […]

Social Media
How To: Write An Effective Blog Post
August 11, 2015

We all know that having a fantastic blog is important for marketing, search engine optimization and for being seen as an expert in your field; but how do you write an effective blog post? Where do you begin? Hold tight, because there are a few things you’ll want to consider… Know Your Audience (And What […]

Social Media

Taking the first step into using social media to leverage your business or sales team can be a daunting one.  Before you begin, it is vital that you understand the fundamentals of what it can do for you and your team, if you manage your social media presence correctly. Social media can be incredible for […]

#Hashtags do's and dont's
October 16, 2014

If you’re new to social media, hashtags – the words or phrases preceded by a pound sign (#) – may seem confusing. When should you use them? What’s the point? When used effectively, hashtags can be an essential way to participate in social conversations and get valuable insights into what your target market is talking […]

Why would someone post a photo of a picturesque sun setting off the west coast, instead of solely writing a status explaining what they are doing?  Does the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” ring a bell? Posting content on your social media accounts is a fantastic way to get people engaged on […]

Social Media
Effective Social Media Writing
October 4, 2014

The average Facebook timeline has over 1500 updates each day, so it is important to make your messages relevant, useful and interesting so the audience will see it and be inclined to engage. Social media content should be: Easy to understand and share Friendly and informal Action-oriented Timely, relevant and interesting Best Practices for Writing […]