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How Our Chat Bots Are Making Your Leads Jump!
November 8, 2018

Hello, again! It’s Chris Johnstone here, CEO of Connection Incorporated!

I’m just getting off a staff meeting with the rest of our phenomenal team and we were going over the account of one of our clients who has been running one of our Chat Bot campaigns. Their account manager has been helping them successfully run this campaign since early September, and is absolutely crushing it in terms of lead quality!

On this specific account, we are seeing that for about every 20 or so people that come through the Chat Bot, our client ends up with 1 extremely solid application.

In the video above, I’m walking you through the inside their many chat accounts. Here you can see all of the subscribers that have joined their Chat Bot, which is essentially all potential leads, and the astronomical growth we are seeing across the entire account.

Now, you may be thinking, sure this looks great, but how much are they spending to get this great volume or high-quality leads? This account is spending just $15 a day! That’s it! With $15 a day in ad spend, they now have almost 800 potential leads they can broadcast their messages to. From there, they can follow up with these potential leads and have conversations with them via Facebook Instant Messenger using their Facebook business page.

Can you imagine the potential this has for your business? Instant access to a list of people who are interested in purchasing a home, right now!

The $15 a day budget they are using has brought in 49 new conversations with leads in the last 7 days alone, which is roughly 7 new chats a day! These leads are going through the conversations with the Chat Bot all on their own, so the process is completely hands off for this client. Through these conversations, the leads are either qualifying or disqualifying themselves, taking even more of the work out of your hands!

The real estate market is booming right now and there are a ton of people looking to purchase new homes, most of whom looking for help financing these purchases.

The cost per lead we are seeing with the client in today’s video isn’t necessarily what everyone will be seeing, but in the end, that cost per lead is not the full picture. What really matters is the quality of leads and the results you are getting when they are using our Chat Bot system and qualifying themselves to move further through the mortgage process.

The way this qualification is done is by having a conversation with each potential lead and asking them a series of questions. These questions include:


1. How much home are you looking to buy?

2. What do you think your credit score is?

3. Do you have a downpayment?

4. Have you previously filed for bankruptcy?

5. Are you working with another lender?


Once they go through these questions, they are thanked for their answers and asked to provide their name and contact information through the Chat Bot and from there our client is able to follow up with them via Facebook Messenger or by using their contact information to reach out directly.

A third follow up option is using our phenomenal automated follow-up system that funnels these leads through a series of ringless voicemails, texts, and emails, to make the process even easier for our clients.

If you are interested in finding out more about the specific targeting we are using inside these campaigns or how to get the Chat Bot set up, give me a shout today! Carl White and I have created a training on this exact program that includes the messages and scripts we are using for our ringless voicemails, texts, and emails as well as the questions we are using for our Chat Bot conversations. Just let me know that you are interested and I am happy to get together with you to go over some training on this phenomenal program!

Thank you again for watching and I hope you have a great day!

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