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Find Out How to Target the People That Already Know, Like and Trust You!
October 25, 2018

Find Out How to Target the People That Already Know, Like and Trust You!

Hello, all! I have just gotten off of our First National Financial webinar – the webinar we host each month to help mortgage brokers, like yourselves, grow their businesses online using digital and social media marketing!

During the month’s webinar, we walked everyone through what we consider to be the number one thing to capitalize on right now that most mortgage brokers and lenders are completely ignoring. Taking advantage of this “low hanging fruit,” as I like to call is, is a fantastic way to quickly bring in leads while you are focusing the bulk of your efforts on scaling the rest of your Facebook and Google advertising.

If you are currently running ads on Facebook and you find yourself saying, “I’m running ads on Facebook..why isn’t it working?”, this is the perfect post for you! Keep reading to find out what issues you may be facing that you aren’t even aware of!

Cold Audiences

When we get on consulting calls with clients that have come to us wondering why their Facebook marketing isn’t working, we find that a lot of the time, these clients have been focusing their attention on cold audiences.

By this, I mean that they are just popping into Facebook, going into their Ads Manager, selecting people interested in real estate or mortgages as their target audience, and start running the ads.

The issue with doing this is that you are running those ads directly to cold traffic – which, in most cases, is not going to work.

We recommend taking a much more refined approach, that involves capturing that low hanging fruit we talked about, before getting to the stage above.


When most people are just starting out with their digital marketing, it’s easy to get caught up in a strategy like the one mentioned above, because you are really sure where to begin but you are looking to get those leads coming in ASAP. Even if you have a very limited budget to start with, the important thing to remember is that just throwing a little bit of money at some ads is not a good place to start.

For those of you that are looking for a lower dollar volume ad campaign that you can get running on Facebook right away, we’ve got you covered! We obviously want to be generating a great response, regardless of the budget we have, so the best place to start is with remarketing.

I highly recommend going into your Facebook Ads Manager and uploading your list of past clients as the center of your influence. These are going to be the people who already know you and know what a great job you did at helping them achieve their dream of homeownership. They already like you and trust you and have the potential to be the best advocates for your business.

In many cases, the reason they aren’t already out there referring you to friends and family is that they have gotten busy in their lives and you are no longer at the front of their minds. Running a remarketing campaign helps rectify this so that they do remember to recommend you when their sister or hockey buddy is talking to them about purchasing a home.

Running high-quality remarketing ads like these can cost you as little as $5 a day out of your ad budget. That’s it! Five dollars a day to stay top of mind and to capitalize on those individuals that are already primed to recommend you or come back for more loan products.

Past Customer Magnet

Introducing our Past Customer Magnet. This is basically a set of 5 different types of remarketing ads that we can help you run. Again, these ads are going to be run on Facebook to be seen by people who already know and trust you and would be willing to work with your business again or refer you to their friends and family.

This type of ad is run to show your ad and business information to these clients a couple times a month, to keep you fresh on their mind and for that to trigger them to refer you more often. Running these remarketing ads, you get more calls and more people sending you business, which means more clients to add to the remarketing!

If you are ready to move on past “just getting started” to get a better response from the advertising you are running, we would love to have you on one of our upcoming training!

Carl White and I are going to show you our brand new chat-bot campaign and how it can take your targeting to the next level with the highest quality leads coming in! This training will go through the entire automated follow-up sequence that we have set up for our clients, from the ringless voicemails, texts and emails, to the solutions for the top three problems most people have when advertising on social media.

Let us know if you are interested and we can get you taken care of today!

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