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Excited to Announce…
October 23, 2018

The Loan Officer Deal Desk!

Hey, everyone! Chris Johnstone here!

As you may know, I am in the business of helping mortgage professionals, like yourself, grow their businesses using digital marketing on platforms like Facebook and Google. In addition to helping with lead generation, we also provide our clients with lead follow up systems to help them close more leads!

Now, I have partnered up with my great friend Carl White once again on something brand new that we are so excited to announce! This brand new way to make closing your mortgage deals even easier is definitely outside the box from how we normally help our clients, which makes us even more excited to launch it!

Introducing The Loan Officer Deal Desk! This newly opened private Facebook community provides a one of a kind opportunity for you to seek out expert mortgage advice, free of charge! We have brought an expert underwriter into the fold and added them into this private Facebook group to help answer your questions about the deals you are working on.

We are so happy that we were about to come up with a free way to give back to mortgage professionals that mean so much to us and our business!

Click here to request to join the group! We are looking for chatting with you!

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