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How Mortgage Brokers Can Set Up a Facebook Business Page
August 24, 2016

How To Setup A Facebook Business Page – For Mortgage Professionals

Setting up a Facebook Page is not a difficult feat, as anyone who has a personal account is probably perfectly well aware. All you have to do is follow the instructions to complete your profile and you’ll be up and running in no time.

What is more difficult is setting up a business page that appeals to prospective clients and helps you to reach your professional goals. As a mortgage broker,  Facebook is a fantastic tool to reach, influence, and maintain relationships with your clients.

At the very least, there are a billion and a half users to tempt you (and that number is growing by the day). More importantly, however, there are a variety of tools to help businesses target customers that are likely to be most interested in what they have to offer.

Of course, you want to make sure that your efforts hit the mark. Working smarter, not harder, will make Facebook one of the best tools in your arsenal when it comes to your online marketing strategy. It all begins with setting up your Facebook business page properly. Here are some tips to consider.

Understand Your Goals

Knowing what you hope to accomplish when you set up your Facebook business page is the first step to ensuring that you’re able to reach the right audience, build relationships, promote your business, and, ultimately, convert prospects to clients.

Facebook has a wide array of features designed to help businesses find their customers and vice versa, so that everyone benefits. When you know what you hope to accomplish going in, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by starting on the right foot.

Input Appropriate Information

One mistake many businesses make in setting up a professional Facebook page is failing to enter all necessary information, or entering information incorrectly. Naturally, you can always return to change information after the fact, but paying attention to the fields and spending some time on setup gives you the best chance to get your profile perfect from the get-go.

First you’ll choose a category, which makes a difference in how your page displays. Whether you’re representing a mortgage institution, you’re promoting your services as your own brand, or you want to list as a local business, it will affect the appearance of your page.

From there you’ll have some straightforward data entry (address, URL, etc.), as well as more complex tasks like creating a description for your page and adding a profile pic and cover photo. These tasks may seem simple enough, but these essential pieces of information are likely the first thing every visitor to your Facebook page will see.  It’s critical to make sure you use concise, descriptive language and select photos that represent your brand and appeal to your target audience.

Plan for SEO

Mortgage broker SEO is no longer just for your website. The attention you garner through social media can also play a role in how your business is indexed and ranked for searches.  This is the case not only through traditional search engines like Google, but also for searches through social media.

Although Google has claimed to ignore “social signals”, Facebook profiles, ratings and reviews, and other indicators definitely show up for Google searches.  There’s no reason to ignore the potential inherent to optimizing your Facebook page with loan officer SEO.

Content Curation

Once you have completely filled out your profile, it’s time to start publishing posts and gaining followers. If you have a solid strategy for promotion in place, your status updates, links to articles and videos on your website, and other posts can all contribute to what you started when you set up your Facebook business page.

Proper content curation will attract visitors, encourage sharing, and generally boost your mortgage broker business. A cohesive presentation that includes a natural progression between creating your page and publishing content is the best way to impress visitors.

Integrating Ads

Technically, your advertising efforts on Facebook will follow the creation of your business page, but it can’t hurt to start strategizing early if you want to set yourself up for success with early ad campaigns. Like the content you publish, your ads must act in a supplemental capacity, feeding back to your Facebook business page and leading prospective clients to your front door, so to speak.

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