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How Mortgage Brokers Can Interact with Potential Clients Using Their Facebook Business
August 16, 2016

There’s a lot more to Facebook than simply posting pictures and status updates. Businesses can use Facebook not only as a way to connect with current customers and offer them added value through content and community.  In fact, you can also use Facebook to attract and engage new clientele.

For mortgage brokers in search of new clients, the potential to use Facebook business pages to reach out to consumers looking to purchase property can be extremely beneficial. Of course, you must first understand how this social media platform can best be utilized to attract and interact with prospective clientele.

This equation has two parts. First, mortgage brokers must find ways to target specific demographics that are most likely to seek their services. Second, they have to figure out how to interact with these prospective clients appropriately to increase engagement, build rapport, and eventually seal the deal, so to speak. Here are just a few ways in which mortgage brokers can use their Facebook business pages to interact with potential clients.

Marketing and SEO

If you have yet to realize that marketing and SEO have moved into the social media arena, it’s high time you got on board. It’s not enough to optimize your website anymore – you also have to make sure that your loan officer SEO extends to your Facebook page, too.

In addition, your ability to include your Facebook business page in your marketing efforts has increased hugely with the many tools and opportunities available through Facebook advertising. Few platforms offer more options when it comes to targeting an audience for advertising.

You look for prospective clients based on their age, gender, marital/family status, and job title. In addition, you can target interests, finding access to an ideal audience. Any mortgage broker interested in utilizing Facebook as a means of attracting new clients cannot afford to ignore the opportunities presented by Facebook advertising and mortgage broker SEO for social media.

Give Freely

With the nearly unfettered and constant connectedness offered by the internet and mobile devices these days, consumers are bombarded with information and advertising. As a result, there seems to be a growing public resistance to hard sell tactics and a desensitization to advertising in general.

This means professionals interested in grabbing the attention of potential clients need to rethink their outreach strategies. A popular option of late has been to adopt a seemingly altruistic attitude toward marketing.

What we’re talking about here is content marketing.  In short, this means you provide valuable content for free via a company blog and social media pages with the intent of building a lasting relationship with current and prospective clients. You’re not selling a product or service so much as you’re offering a relationship that begins with you giving freely without immediately asking for something in return.

Get Personal

Consumers, and especially the millennial crowd, are no longer interested in doing business with nameless, faceless corporate entities. They want to see the wizard behind the curtain, so to speak. The good news is that Facebook provides you with excellent opportunities to personalize the customer experience.

By insinuating yourself into your professional Facebook page through photos and posts of a more personal nature, you have the opportunity to connect with potential clients in a friendly, casual manner. This, in turn, can increase their comfort level and trust, ultimately improving your odds of building a lasting professional relationship.

Be Involved

You might have noticed that the term “social media” is 50% social. You cannot avoid participation in the social aspects of Facebook if you want the best chance to connect, engage, and influence an audience.

You don’t necessarily have to be online 24/7, but you definitely need to set aside time throughout each day to upload posts and respond to customer comments, questions, and concerns. Getting potential clients to interact is difficult, but if you lose them after the fact due to unresponsiveness on your part, you’ll probably never get them back.

Create a Community

As a mortgage broker, there are certain aspects of the social media experience you might not be keen to take advantage of. Whereas some businesses are well-suited to humor, entertainment value, and even some amount of shock and awe, such exploits won’t translate well to clients in the mortgage market.

You can, however, cultivate a community based around suitable elements like community pride and improvement, family ideals, charity events, and so on. You simply have to think about what is important to your business and your clientele in order to create a community with your Facebook business account and attract new clients to your group.

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