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Facebook Marketing
The Referral Marketing Event!
March 24, 2016

Referral Marketing For Mortgage Brokers.

Welcome to the replay of this months webinar sponsored by First National!

During This Webinar You Get to learn how to use social media for referral marketing in your mortgage business.

You get to learn how to use free tools on Facebook to connect with your past clients and generate more referrals from your database.

Then we give you 3 referral marketing templates to help you generate more referrals from groups on Facebook.  This strategy also helps you create new real estate referral partners.

The third referral marketing strategy we cover is using Facebook ads to follow and convert your database, website visitors and targeted local prospects.

Here is your 30 minutes of content:


Let me know what you think about the referral marketing strategies in the comments below or leave me a comment on my Facebook page!

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Here is our on camera Q and A where we fielded some excellent questions.


Looking forward to hearing your success stories!

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