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How To: Write An Effective Blog Post
August 11, 2015

We all know that having a fantastic blog is important for marketing, search engine optimization and for being seen as an expert in your field; but how do you write an effective blog post? Where do you begin? Hold tight, because there are a few things you’ll want to consider…

Know Your Audience (And What They Want!)

Knowing your audience is important in all aspects of your business, so it is no wonder it is important here too! Keywords can be one of the best ways to determine what your audience is looking for and what will rank best for your search engine optimization. There are many tools to help you construct the best keywords and we have found a great article that breaks down blogging expert’s top picks:

#1: SEMrush
#2: Google Keyword Planner
#3: Keyword Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 7.58.30 PM
#4: Buzzsumo
#5: Longtail PRO
#6: Google Trends
#7: Ubersuggest and Google Analytics
#8: KWFinder
#9: Moz KW Difficulty Tool, Market Samurai & WordTracker
#10: SERPwoo, GrepWords, SEOcockpit, BrightEdge Data Cude & Excel

Best Tools for Keyword Research –

Determine a Blog Post Type

There are many types of blog posts that you could do, so be sure to choose the best one for your writing style and your topic. If you’re looking for interaction, choose a Controversial Post, as it will get you the highest engagement. If you have a huge topic to cover, consider doing a blog series and breaking the subject in to smaller more manageable pieces over time. If you have found a lot of great articles on a topic, consider writing a Resource Post including a summary of what you have learned and where to read more.

Here is an article from Social Media Examiner that goes through 12 blog types and includes examples of each:


Clearly Display Your Expertise

There is a suprisingly simple way to position yourself as an expert to new leads and past clients on your blog.

Start your post with the big question! What is the topic and what problem is the reader going to be able to solve by investing their time with your content.

Give 3 actionable tips or insights from your personal experience.

Summarize the benefits that the reader will get when they follow your advice.

Close with a call to action. Tell people how they can get a hold of you or get more information.


Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 8.06.13 PM

Be Consistent

Determine a schedule for your blog and stick to it! We recommend blogging for your business at least once per week, but depending on your type of business, even more may be appropriate.

Finding the best time to post and promote your blog will take a bit of trial and error, but is very important. Use Google Analytics on your website along with social media tools such as Facebook Insights to learn when your audience will best engage with you.

Your content schedule will also help hold you accountable and keep you from going weeks without new content for your blog.

Check out this article on the Science of Social Timing, not only will it give you a place to start for determining your own schedule, but scroll down to “Study # 5” where it shows you how to monitor your own blog for the best timing:


Add Images

Images are a very important part of each blog post and here are a few numbers to show you just how critical they are:

  • Articles with images get 94% more totally page views
  • Engagement rate on Facebook photos averages 37% higher than engagement on text alone.

If you don’t have any personal photos to use or if you aren’t a Photoshop wiz, there are many images to be found with creative commons. A great place to start is the Flickr Advanced Photo Search. This tool allows you to search through images that are available for commercial use or creative commons.

  • Go to
  • In the top left, select the drop down menu for “Any Licence” and select “All Creative Commons”
  • Using keywords related to your topic, search for some great images to add to your blog post


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