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Social Media
What Social Media Can Do For Your Business
August 5, 2015

Taking the first step into using social media to leverage your business or sales team can be a daunting one.  Before you begin, it is vital that you understand the fundamentals of what it can do for you and your team, if you manage your social media presence correctly.

Social media can be incredible for your business, you can;

  • Learn more about your existing customers
  • Determine how to target your customers effectively
  • Acquire new customers
  • Receive instant feedback from your client base on new products and services
  • Provide quality customer service instantly
  • Generate quality leads
  • Increase traffic to your website and online presence
  • Become a leading industry expert
  • and so much more!

To learn more, we have gathered up some of our favourite articles and excerpts on the topic, just to get you started!


Receive instant feedback from your customers’ perspective

Social media for business gives you instant access to positive or negative feedback, which provides you with valuable insights on the customer perspective. For example, if you launch a new product and share it on social media, you’ll instantly learn what your customers think of it. Another way to gain customer perspective with social media is by learning how they use your product; brands often base new products or services on their customers’ original ideas.

 – 10 Benefits of Social Media for Business – Hootsuite


Be hyper-targeted

As a small business with a smaller customer base you have the ability to be incredibly focused with outreach efforts and home in with precision on potential new customers. There’s a wealth of user information on social media – take the time to find the most relevant people who are the right fit for your product or service, and your ROI will increase exponentially.

– Ten Ways Small Businesses Can Use Social Media to Generate Leads – The Globe and Mail


Reward customer loyalty

Through social media, companies can not only run promotions more frequently than coupons in the mail will permit but also devise more whimsical and engaging campaigns. Sprinkles Cupcakes, a bakery chain based in Beverly Hills, California, uses Twitter to send out daily promotional offers. The tweets, which ask customers to whisper a “password” to receive a free treat, have helped the company draw more than 17,000 followers.

– 30 Tips for Using Social Media in Your Business – Inc.


See What Others Are Saying About Similar Businesses

If you are opening a restaurant, check out what others are in the area, and see what people are saying about them. Check YELP or Yellow Pages and other listing directories for reviews. Follow some of your competitors on Twitter. Use the hashtag # to search for subjects on both Facebook and Twitter.

Google Places and Facebook are sites where reviews are posted. Reputation software is also available that will scrape the internet for all comments and reviews on a business. If you have an existing business, do you know what others are saying about you?

– How To Use Social Media for Market Research – Small Business BC

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