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The who, what, where, when, why, and how of joining LinkedIn Groups
October 31, 2014


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Ever wondered why and how to join a LinkedIn group? Have you questioned how it could benefit you or when you should jump on board?

Joining LinkedIn groups is a simple networking strategy that can assist in building your business regardless of what industry you are in.

Who: YOU

What: LinkedIn Groups

When: How about yesterday?

Why: To network with other professionals who are in the same industry and that may need your help or services

How: Step-by-step below

1. Log in to LinkedIn and click the search icon next to the search bar to locate ‘groups’linkedin 1

2. Type in the keywords that are relevant to the type of group you are looking for and click on the group that fits your descriptionlinkedin 2

3. Click ‘join’linkedin 3

4. Like, comment, and share away!

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The benefits of using LinkedIn groups as part of your overall marketing strategy may vary from person to person, but the main ones are: increasing your reach, growing your network and creating more leads for your business.

A LinkedIn group is a network of like-minded individuals in an exclusive forum (meaning you have to be approved into the group) acting as a space to share common goals and brush up on your business skills.

IMPORTANT: Did you know: When you join a group, the direct message feature between you and other group members is unlocked? This is a major benefit since you cannot otherwise message LinkedIn members that are not yet in your network. TIP: if you see a profile of someone that you want to connect with, check if you have a group in common, and join that group so that you can send them a message!

You can join up to 50 LinkedIn Groups, but it’s unlikely that you will be able to participate actively in all 50 groups, so pick 5-10 that are the best managed to really be active in and share valuable content.

We challenge you to search out 5 new groups today and start participating in the discussion, you never know how much it might elevate your business!

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