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How To Invite Your Friends to LIKE your Facebook Page
October 16, 2014


There are two ways to invite your friends to LIKE your Facebook Page.

You can invite the friends you currently have on Facebook to Like your Page using the BUILD AUDIENCE feature. 

Here is how you do it:

1. – Log into Facebook as yourself and click on your Page.

2. – Click on Build Audience found at the top of your Page

3. – Select Invite Friends


4. – Click Search All Friends

5. – Click Invite next to each friend you want to invite


*Note, Facebook only allows you to invite your Friends once.


The second way is to send out an email invitation through Facebook.

Here is how you do it:

1. – Click Build Audience at the top of your Page

2. – Select Import Contacts


3. – Upload a file or choose your email service and follow the on-screen instructions



Once your contacts are uploaded, Facebook will reach out to your database and send them an email, inviting them to join Facebook, if they don’t already have an account and ask them to LIKE your Facebook Page.