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Social Media #HowTo Tag Photos on Facebook |
October 9, 2014
tag photo Facebook cover image
Social Media #HowTo Tag a Photo on Facebook

So you have a Facebook profile or business page and you want to know how to ‘tag’ someone! Whether you’re using Facebook for personal use, business, or a combination of the two, tagging people and /or businesses in your posts and photos is essential to increasing your social reach. When you are tagged (or a friend, or business associate) in a Facebook photo, everyone that has access to the photo can see who you are, and can click your name to learn more about you, and potentially your business — which is another way to grow your social reach.

Tagging a photo on Facebook is as simple as clicking to expand the photo you want to tag someone in, hitting ‘tag photo’ (screenshot 1), followed by clicking on the face you want to tag (screenshot 2). Click ‘done tagging’, and you’re all finished!

tag photo Facebook Screenshot 1
Screenshot 1
tag photo Facebook Screenshot 2
Screenshot 2

One key thing to remember when tagging is that you are essentially creating a link to someone’s profile, so use your best judgement when it comes to someone’s privacy. ‘Tagging’ also will send the person a notification, which can be fabulous to keep you top-of-mind if you’re using this as a business strategy.

For more information on tagging, you can check out the Facebook Help Center

Best Practices brought to you by

  1. Don’t be creepy! Perhaps tagging that person in a photo who has just liked your page isn’t such a good idea… Tag those who are relevant to the post only, and those you have a great relationship with.
  2. SUBTLY encourage tagging of your page/profile in friends, employees, and followers posts when mentioning you or your services on Facebook.
  3. If you DON’T want to get a notification every time you are tagged, be sure to optimize your Facebook notifications.
  4. Don’t be ‘spammy’ with your tags. No ones likes a spammer.
  5. Use tagging as a personal ‘thank you’ of sorts if someone has attended an event, or helped you in some way.

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