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Important AdWords changes: Introducing enhanced campaigns to your account
February 14, 2013

Google AdWords
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Introducing enhanced campaigns


We recently announced improvements to AdWords called enhanced campaigns. Today’s consumers are constantly connected and using many different devices, so we’ve developed enhanced campaigns to help you reach them more easily and effectively.

We’re writing to let you know that enhanced campaigns are now available in your account. All new campaigns that you create will be enhanced campaigns by default, but you can choose the older campaign style for a few more months. Starting in June 2013, we plan to upgrade all AdWords campaigns to enhanced campaigns. You can log in and begin upgrading your existing campaigns now to take advantage of the useful improvements.

About enhanced campaigns

Today, people are constantly connected and searching from all kinds of devices. People want results that are relevant to where they are, what they’re doing and when they’re doing it. Enhanced campaigns let you more easily adjust your ads and bids depending on your customers’ location, device and time of day—all within a single campaign. This means better ads for your customers and better results for you. Learn more

Important changes

Along with the useful new features, there are some important changes to be aware of with enhanced campaigns.

Mobile bidding control. In an enhanced campaign, your ads will show on mobile devices, tablets and computers by default. You can choose a bid adjustment to influence your ad position, clicks and cost on mobile devices. (In existing campaigns that run ads across desktop and mobile devices, mobile bids are currently adjusted automatically.) Your mobile bid adjustment doesn’t change your budget. But it can influence how your clicks and cost are divided between mobile and other devices. Depending on your business, it might make sense to bid lower, the same or higher for mobile clicks than desktop clicks. Learn more
Targeting options. Enhanced campaigns with search ads will no longer support targeting by devices or wireless carriers. Campaigns running only display ads will continue to support targeting specific device models and wireless carriers. Learn more
Call extensions. Call extensions have made it easy for customers to tap your ad and call your business from a smartphone. With an enhanced campaign, now you’ll also be able to show your business phone number with ads on computers and tablets. Learn more
Phone numbers in ads. To provide a more consistent user experience, we’ll no longer allow ads with phone numbers directly in the ad text. Please use the call extensions feature instead. In the next few weeks, you’ll no longer be able to create new ad text containing phone numbers. And starting in April 2013, existing ads with phone numbers in the ad text will be disapproved. Learn more
Log in and upgrade your campaigns

We’re here to help you

We want you to be successful with AdWords, so please visit the Help Center or contact us if you’d like assistance with your existing campaigns or getting started with enhanced campaigns.


The Google AdWords Team


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