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My favorite lesson from 2012
January 7, 2013

Early in 2012 I made a significant investment in a Business Coach.  

It immediately helped make a drastic positive change in my
business and my life.

To help get you off to the best year yet, allow me to “Pay it Forward”
and share one of the most valuable life lessons from last year with you.

WARNING.  When I was first given this exercise I immediately
discounted it as too simple to be effective.

I was hesitant, skeptical and felt like adding this seemingly basic
exercise to my already overloaded schedule was a waste of my time.

Lucky for me, I trusted my Coach and did the exercise anyway.

Here’s what happened.

1) Almost immediately I stopped feeling overwhelmed and distracted.

The feeling of never having enough TIME in the day was easily eliminated.

I was able to eliminate 8 hours a WEEK of non essential work.
Which I was then able to invest however I chose.

It forced me to automate Systems in my business which led to,
better relationships with my customers, more referrals and even more free time.

So what is the big secret? Here you go…

Make a promise to yourself to track all of your work time for 1 week.

Not some of your time. ALL of your “work” time.

Break it down into 15 minute segments and record it in a time tracker.

Don’t worry about taking time to make one.
You can download the one I created here: Time Tracker

I know, I know, it seems too simple. 🙂

However, once you start the exercise you can quickly see why
it was the first lesson my Coach taught me.

Here’s what started to happen.

On day 1 – I was shocked at how short 15 minutes really was.

On day 3 – I started to notice how many times I was completing
duplicate tasks that could be done just once a week.

On day 5 – The Facebook Time Suck was glaringly obvious.

By Day 7 – My daily Must Do tasks into 15 and 30 minute segments.

By Day 9 – The automation process had begun. Any Non Critical
task that I was spending more than 2 hours a week on was either
eliminated or outsourced.

Here are some tips that really help me with this exercise.

Step #1 – Get out your smartphone and set a timer for
15 minutes. Start the timer the second you get to work

Step #2 – BE HONEST – Write down exactly what you are
doing when the timer goes off. It’s ok if you were doing
something different 30 seconds before the timer goes off.

Step #3 – Analyze your results after 5 days.

Step #4 – Rinse and repeat. When I first did the exercise
I went for a month straight. Both my Business Coach and
I revisit this exercise once a month to make sure we are on track.

I hope you find this little exercise as valuable as I have.

While you are deciding where you are going to invest some of
your newly found free time please do me a favor.
Find a fun way to tell someone special you Love them!

If you have time after that, head on over to Facebook and post
a nice comment or any questions you have on my wall.