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Beware of Patent Infringement!
November 27, 2012

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From: Rob Clifton – AvidMobile CEO <>
Date: November 26, 2012 6:55:47 PM EST
To: Captain Awesome!
Subject: Beware of Patent Infringement!

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  Beware of Patent Infringement!

The courts have continued to rule in favor of Richard Helferich and his portfolio of patents that protect the process of sending an SMS, MMS, or Social Media post that includes a URL. Over 150 mobile marketing companies and other entities have already been sued or named in lawsuits for patent infringement with rulings that have caused them to either cease sending URL’s inside text messages and pay damages for past infringement or pay for the license ($750,000) , plus royalties on all past and future messages. The royalty per message often starts at $.025 per message. With some providers this equates to Hundreds of Thousands of dollars due for historic use.



No wonder that hundreds of legitimate business like McDonald’s, Best Buy, The NFL, The NHL, Culver’s, Apple, and a few major Mobile Marketing providers including AvidMobile have made the decision to take the lesser of two evils and acquire the license.


This represents a serious TRUMP Card for any Reseller or White-Label partner of AvidMobile. Already, we and our partners have businesses large and small turning their attention to us over other providers because we provide our clients with Patent protection and null the threat of patent infringement that could cost them thousands of dollars in the future.


Ignoring this as some Mobile Marketing providers have opted to do will catch up with them sooner than later. AvidMobile welcomes those that want to work with us not only for our enterprise level SMS and Mobile Web/app Application, but also for protecting their business and their clients from patent protection and multiple short codes.


Educate yourself today by reviewing this FREE educational white paper detailing the patents, the advantages to having it, and the downside to not. DOWNLOAD HERE.



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